Monday, March 21, 2011

Dinosaurs - Stegosaurus

Bento No. 49
School reopens today after one week holiday!  Not really eventful holiday for my boy because it has been raining in the afternoons last week.  He played with his lego toys and dinosaurs most of the time inside the house.  Except, last Tuesday, Mommy drove all the way to the north to visit Granny for the first time!  It was a smooth ride and on the way home, it was raining cats and dogs. And, I hate driving in the rain :0 

My son's birthday is coming soon in April.  I had made a reservation with the zoo for a 'Jungle Breakfast' and hopefully (of course, cross our fingers) that the orang utan would make an appearance.  My son can't wait till that day and has been nagging at me all day about the orang utan :)  I also made an online purchase with Amazon for a plush soft toy - T-Rex.  He loves dinosaurs ! So much to do...for his birthday celebration .

His bento is a stegosaurus cut out from the steamed egg (with minced meat).  Along with it are blanched broccolli, carrots, cherry tomatoes and oranges.


Angeleyes said...

How fun to have breakfast with Ah Meng!

Great dino bento there!

Dragonfly said...

Thank youl Angel :)