Monday, May 9, 2011

Choo Choo Train

Bento 74
Polling day fell on the 7th and Mother's day was on the 8th concidentally!  Not much of excitment on polling day.  I went in the morning and people were steadily streaming in.  Very quickly, I crossed the box and left swiftly  for my dimsum breakfast at Changi Village.  Thereafter,  we headed to Serene Center for the ice-cream at the Island Creamery shop and also had our lunch at a French eatery. A new discovery.   Nice, no service charge or GST !  Guess this is my proper Mother's Day celebration.  The next day I was busy cleaning my house because my part-time cleaner did not turn up due to a tooth ache.

I prepared a similar or looked alike choo choo train bento previously.  The filling for the sandwich is ham, cheddar cheese, tomatoes slice, spinach and some cucumbers.

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