Thursday, May 12, 2011

Dinosaurs - Stegosaurus

 When I was searching ideas for dino cakes for my son's 3rd birthday in April, I chanced upon this website using fondant to make little cute dinos.  I decided to try my hands using the brown rice to mould a similar one as below.  I did not used a lot of rice becauce I knew my boy could not finish it (based on past experience, so why waste it!) So I made a little one but apparently, mine is too small and looked like it is being squashed!  The orange plates and spikes on its tail can hardly been seen.

In the bento, I put in the baked salmon with teriyaki sauce, blanched broccolli/carrot, grapes and a strawberry.


Bento No. 76

Check out my new addition benton accessories that just arrived today.  Hehe, I love collecting them and it is an addiction before I know it ;)


KidsDreamWork said...

Looks like a baby Stegosaurus hiding in the bento! :D

Dragonfly said...

My son said it is a rino instead, Oops!