Friday, May 20, 2011

Acrobatic Pandas and smiling flowers

Bento No. 77

I have been reading about Japanese dish called soboro (means finely chopped meat) and seems that most kids grow up eating it.  And I like it because of the contrast of colours used in this dish.  Well, overall verdict from my little boy is not so good.  I guess so because the chicken soboro does taste more gingery.  Probably due to the fact that I reduced the amount soya sauce and sugar.  Oops, wrong judgement!  The only consolation is that the lunch looks pretty with the acrobatic pandas and smiling flowers:)  I shall try again next time.

We were holiday-ing in Melaka over the vesak day weekend.  It is dry and hot in the city and the locals told us that it has not rained for a month.  Luckily, the Philea resort (Ayer Keroh)  is air-conditioned and has a nice pool.  The water is warm as a result of the hot weather and my boy had so much fun at the pool nonetheless.  Best part for me, of course, no housework, cooking and washing! 

Now back to reality.  Chauffuer my prince to school and upon returning home, my car started to wobble and was creating loud knocking noise on the rear.  Scary and I stopped on the road shoulder along PIE.  Upon checking, a flat tire!  My first experience of flat tire too!

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