Monday, May 23, 2011


Bento No. 78

Have you ever spotted a snail in your neighbourdhood?  That is what I always did together with my son.  Snail is a rare sight in housing estate and I snapped this picture immediately when we saw a moving one here. 

I intended to just make a sushi bento for my boy and in the last few seconds after I have almost assembled everything in the lunchbox.  He said he wanted a snail lunchbox.  So I inserted two strips of Japanese cucumber to the tamagoyaki as its tentacles. I asked him "does it look like a snail?"  With a big smile, he said "yes!".   Guess, we do not need too much of decorating a bento because the image is in his tiny head.   Accompanied in his bento, he has watermelon (with leaf picks), baked salmon sushi with Japanese cucumber and edamame.

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