Monday, June 6, 2011

California roll

Bento No. 83
My little boy has thrown up during his sleep at 3 am last Thursday morning due to indigestion.  I have been thinking what he has eaten for the past week and realised that the Meiji yogurt with Nata de coco could be the culprit.  The latter contains coconut juice that may have caused indigestion for his little tummy.  Hence, I looked for alternative remedy in one of my cookbook "Feed Your Child Right" by Lynn Alexander and Yeong Boon Yee.  It is a very useful and handy book for Asian parents like me.  I discovered haw fruit drink can ease indigestion.  So I brewed a small pot of haw fruit mixed with red dates and rock sugar for the family.  My boy likes the sweet and sour taste and me too.  Having said that, this drink cannot be drank with empty stomach. By Sunday, he was well enough to eat a full meal.

It's been raining over the weekends and today too.  Good to have more beauty sleep but unfortunately, I have to wake up early to prepare my son's lunch.  He has sushi today.  Nothing fancy.  Just boiled edamame, yellow kiwi, tamagoyaki and california roll (without avocado).

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