Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Train and a Snail

Bento No. 80

Bento No. 81

We went back to Malaysia to attend a wedding over the weekends.  It was the first time my boy witnessed a Chinese tea ceremony in a very much traditional way and attended a dinner banquet.  And he got to know a new girlfriend, Caren at the dinner.  Both were playing games offered by the jie jie which kept them occupied for a while.  The most unforgettable and memorable thing would be he planted a kiss on her cheek and accidentally kissed on the little girl lips.  The reactions from both of them was immediately wiped their mouths..Haha, so hilarious.  Wonder if others noticed it??  And the girl become shy after the incident ;)

Since we just came back home and I have not stocked up my fridge.  I made a train sandwich with tuna mayo fillings.  Added a few cucumbers for the wheels, cheese and nori for the eyes.  And a hat which the train appeared more animated this round.  I also throwed in some green grapes with his favourite animals foodpicks.

Today, he asked for a snail bento again.  Well, I did and more elaborate than the previous one. I cut it out from steamed egg with minced meat and decorated it with nori and cheese.  For the greens, I gave him blanched caixin and added a few drops of soya sauce for taste as well as carrots.  For fruits, US cherries and NZ yellow kiwi.

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