Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Bento No. 88
I have tried many times to make a hippo bento but unsuccessful. It does not turn out as cute as it should be.  I attempted once today and gave up at the end. The meat patty is supposedly to resemble a hippo head.  So I made an octopus instead decorating with stripes of carrots as its tentacles.  Put on a party hat and placed some muscial notes foodpicks on starfish look alike flower which I cut from a vegetable cutter.  My son has fried long bean with egg along with his favourite fruits; yellow kiwi and blueberries.  This is the only way my boy is willing to eat his long bean.

Recently, I met with a few Mummies at my boy's preschool.  And the hottest topic were thier child is not willing to speak Mandarin. Same for my son.  The preschool is more English focused and teaching subject like Chinese is only conducted twice a week.  I have also noticed my son has started to tell me that he does not like Chinese and I can't help but worry.  I bumped into the school's principal yesterday and understand that they are going to have enrichment lesson for 'Mandarin Speech and Drama' but will not be part of the daily school program.  Another words, I have to pay more school fees if I wanted to enrol my son for the additional class.  The principal assured me that in terms of written chinese, the kids will have no problem in preparation for the local school in Singapore but having confidence to converse in Mandarin with peers will be an issue.  I begin to think if I should be looking for another preschool then.

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