Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Bento No. 84
It's sunshine day!  I am clueless of what to made for my son's bento this morning. And I think my brain is getting lazy.  Being a homemaker, it is important to stay alert by exercising our mind and brain.  Most of our tasks are routine and sometimes become monotonous.  Creating a bento, new dish or thinking of what to prepare on our next meal helps to stimulate our brain too.  Well, I pondered for a minute staring at the brown rice.  Then, I rolled four tiny riceballs stuffed with baked salmon (in teriyaki sauce) and tata......a caterpillar! The dots are made of cheddar cheese and eyes from nori.  The bone foodpick represent its tentacles.  Aside, my boy has some oranges, blanched carrot and  french bean in black sesame sauce.

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