Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Butterfly and Turtle

Bento No. 146
It was a long weekend over the Hari Raya Haji holiday and we spent some quality time together as a happy family.  On Saturday, we had oily and sinful prata, thosai at Casaurina.  Then, we headed towards the Lower Pierce Reservoir for a short and easy hike.  Sighted lots of squirrels and monkeys along the way.  Two monkeys were actually mating.  I like the quiet, relax and peaceful surrondings there.  Recently, I struggle to remember what we did and eat over weekends.  Is it a sign of aging??

I tried a different way to make a pair of butterfly with tamagoyaki.  Usually, I used two eggs for tamagoyaki but this time, just one egg. I sliced it diagonally and used a foodpick to hold the wings together. In this bento, he has his inside-out baked salmon sushi, edamame, grapes and dragonfruit.

Bento No. 147
It is pasta today with tomato sauce.  But I cooked the sauce with minced meat and a bit of yellow pepper.  Then I decorated the bowtie pasta with some boiled green peas and a Turtle!  This turtle idea was conceived yesterday night when my son is watching his favourite TV show in Okto.  Not so adorable...yeah ;) 

I have never showed affection towards my partner openly in front of our son (being a conservative Chinese).  It is that moment and also the unbelievable expression on my boy's face led us to realise this boy is uncomfortable with hugs/kisses between Papa and Mommy. I felt we have a duty to educate him to accept that it is natural and alright for parents to do so.

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