Saturday, November 26, 2011


Bento No. 152
Does it look like pinwheel or flower to you?  It is made of crabstick and blueberry. The rest of his lunch consists of tuna mayo sushi, edamame and kiwi.

My boy has a wonderful time with his cousins from Penang.  It is fun watching three kids aged seven, five and three years playing together.  On the other hand, it can get quite rowdy when they are out of control. I just cannot imagine how the parents cope in the old days where they have six or more children.  When the kids are in bed, we finally has some peace and sat down comfortably to relax.  One topic we discussed is hyperactive child.  My son is also super-active.  That is why I am very particular with what I fed him because the type of diet would affect his behaviour according to experts.  I would love him to take all the natural food but occasionally, I will allow processed food.  But caffeine/soda drinks are absolutely prohibited for him now.  The main reason is my boy always fights with me over his bedtime.  This also explained why I constantly looked out for labels with preservative, colourings, sugars level, sodium and etc.

Below are some excerpts from
“Food additives and colors plus artificial sweeteners make the nervous system overactive. That's in addition to what too much sugar can do,” explains Dr. Jennifer Greenfield, Center for Chiropractic Wellness.

“Foods that have calcium and magnesium, like vegetables, nuts and seeds, can be calming,” adds Greenfield.

In any case, it was a good discussion where we shared our thoughts and parenting skills.  And the best?  We have a great time together! :)

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