Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Bento No. 143
The bento was prepared on Tuesday which I did not manage to blog it due to internet connection failure.  Being a not IT-savy person, this is not something I can fix it and always depend on my hubby to resolve it for me.  I felt helpless and useless :(  At last, I can post my blog today.

This froggie is made from Yong Tau Foo.  I cut into half from a piece of beacurd and sliced it.  Crabmeat for its rosy cheek, nori/cheese for the eyes amd mouth.  As my son has fishball and kuay teow for his lunch, I placed two piece of flower shape carrot behind its eyes for contrast.  The effect is good and came out a cute-looking froggie.  Hidden underneath the carrots are some blanched caixin. 

My boy has been associated animals with rhymes like horsie, piggy, ducky, froggies, sheepy?? cowdy??  I was amused but I must admit that, definitely, it is not a good language.  He also picked up expression very quickly such as 'actually', 'ai ya ya', 'oh man', 'oh my goodness', 'oh my god'.  Children just absorbed like a sponge.

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