Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Doggie & sushi

Bento No. 153

Bento No. 154

Yesterday, I made a doggie out of cheese and place it on the spaghetti.  Unfortunately, my son did not eat his lunch but he finished all the fruits.  When I opened the lunchbox, I discovered the cheese was sticked on the lid of the cover.  Back home, he kept asking for food knowing Grandma has bought some char siu bao for him.  I told him he has to eat at least half of the spaghetti before he can have his bao.  Well, he did so.  Gosh, I cannot believe he can stomach so much food at one go. 

The spaghetti is infused with garlic oil and I packed his favourite tomato sauce (which was the leftover previously and it was kept in the freezer for use) on a separate container.  And he passed gas all the times yesterday.  Is it the effect of garlic oil or the tomato sauce?

Today,  it is baked salmon sushi and his usual side dishes! The addition of red strawberries made the bento look so tempting and colourful.  Put a few of his favourite safari animals foodpicks for cuteness.

Last week, I requested my Mom to post a letter to my son for fun.  It was a silly idea but my boy would ask whether he got any letter every time, I opened our letterbox.  Well, he was so thrilled and surprised (from his expression) that he actually got a mail.  Not an electronic one but via the conventional method.  Inside the envelope, there were a bookmark from NLB, a doremon sticker and a cartoon printout by his cousin, Dexter.

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