Saturday, November 12, 2011


Bento No. 148
I made these two pandas from mantou using a bear shape cutter for his lunch yesterday.  I told my son that the boy is Kai Kai and the girl is Jia Jia.  But he objected! He told me they are Papa and Mama ;) I stuffed some grilled chicken breast spread with tomato sauce and some cucumbers.  I also packed his favourite blueberry yogurt.  He finished all except the meat and tomatoes.  Raw tomato is not his favourite anyway.  Laoshi Chunyang told me he also has some toast at the school.  Probably that explained why he could not finish his lunch.

We also began to train him to sleep on own bed.  He is progressing very well except that there are a few occasion he would still find his way onto our bed.  Haha, the secret is we bride him by buying him a new bedsheet with all his favourite vehicles on it.  It is a good start anyway. ;)

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