Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Bento No. 161
My boy has a tuna mayo green apple sandwich.  Refreshing isn't it?  I recalled that I got the receipe from an old colleague of mine. Simply mix tuna with mayo and a bit of chopped onion (I added some ground black pepper for taste).  Next, mix the green apple with some lemon juice and mayo in a separate bowl.  I spread one layer of tuna over another layer of green apple between the black sesame bread.  Then, I pressed out the circle (burger) shape using a small plastic cup.  Lastly, top with emmental cheese in the shape of an elephant.  I also scored and cut a checkpattern green apple.  To prevent browning, I coated the apple with lemon juice as well.  Surprisingly, it does not taste too sour.  In fact, it bring out some of the sweetness.  In addition, I also throw in some raw carrots for more fibre. 

Today, my son made a snail bread in school (part of the Life skill program) which teacher has packed it in a plastic bag for him to bring home.  He insisted on taking a good look at the bread.  Next thing, he said he wanted to eat it, not one but two (out of three) !!  He began to tear when I only agreed to let him have one piece.  My intention was to show his creation and share it with Papa.  The problem with him is he always wants more and does not know the limit.

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