Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Rose and sushi

Bento No. 156
Today is the first day of school and it is brand new year 2012.  The year of dragon according to Chinese zodiac.  We were so busy towards the end of last year.  We had lots of relatives came all the way from Penang/Kedah in November and December.  And we truly enjoyed their company (otherwise, it would be a boring and quiet holiday for us).  My boy had his first trip to Universal studio, gamely ride on Transformer Autobot simulator with his eyes shut all the times.  He decorated his first Christmas tree.  His first Christmas eve dinner at our favourite bistro Foo's House, Upper Changi Road. His first taste of lollipop.  Lots of gifts and presents.  Thanks to his Sanku, Jin Pak Pak, Lilian Pak Leong and all the jie jie. Oh yeah, we ate all the times.  Guess, my boy has put on few kilos and become quite chubby now with a big round belly.  And my resolution this year, get my son started with swimming lessons and trim down his fat belly ;)

He has a simple baked salmon sushi with his usual sides; edamame, tamagoyaki, strawberries and dragonfruits.  A yellow rose made with tamagoyaki and my boy chose his favourite animal foodpicks; lion and giraffe.

 I wish everyone a very rosy dragon year ahead and may all the wishes come true.

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