Friday, January 6, 2012


Bento No. 159
When you have a compartmentalised bento box, it is easy to assemble the lunch and within seconds, you got a speedy nice bento!  I bought this Lock and Lock lunchbox from Isetan some months ago.  It comes with a poka dot lunch bag, two lunch box (only one with compartments) and plastic fork and spoons. Clearly, there are fruits (strawberries and oranges), vegetables (sugar bean/carrot) and meat (homemade roasted char siu) inside each compartment.  His power protein is the macoroni and chicken soup which I packed it separately in a vaccum flask.

Lately, my son does not take our instructions very well.  He wanted to be incharge and do his own way. Especially, when we teached him the correct way of using/doing things, he either ignored us or simply said, "I can do it myself."  meaning "my own way".  The same happened in school too.  We lectured him last night and hopefully, he would understand and listen more.

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