Friday, January 13, 2012


Bento No. 162
Lately, I talked about things we do traditionally during the Chinese New Year.  For instance, reunion dinner, angbos, lion/dragon dance..etc.  I have also mentioned briefly about the zodiac for this year is Dragon and even bought a pair of chinese dragon decoration for our front door.  Ever since, he has been requesting for a dragon lunchbox.  Hehe, I have put off the idea until today, I finally did it!  It is made of two type of cheese; orange cheddar and yellow emmental.  Nori for its whiskers and claws. 

My son has fried brown rice mee hoon with strips of pork loin, carrots and mushrooms. However, I added some chicken stock and turned out more yummy and flavourful. 

Everything is fine when I reached home, I bathed him with cold water when I realised he developed some rashes over his forehead, arms and legs thinking it could be heat rash.  But the rashes got worse and flared up his entire body.  We brought him to see doctor.  He was diagnosed possible 'food allergy' and have to abstain from seafood.  I was surprised because my son does not have history of food allergy since he was born.  Hopefully, the rashes will heal quickly as we are leaving for Malaysia this Sunday.


KidsDreamWork said...

Wow, you even craft the pattern on the dragon's body! Salute! Hope your son get well soon!

Dragonfly said...

Thank thanks! My son has since recovered.