Monday, January 7, 2013

Baked salmon sushi, Healthy eats

Bento No. 282

It is the first day of the week which also means I could prepare my son's lunchbox :)  Yay!!  Simple baked salmon sushi with cucumber, tamagoyaki, edamame and strawberries.   Since it is the first bento to be brought to his kindergarten.  I used minimum foodpicks.  Just a panda and a handmade flag.

My son has been diagnosed with asthmatic cough recently.  It all began Nov 2012 last year.  He has taken countless of Western and Chinese medicine, which of no help.  What is asthmatic cough?  According to our family doctor, the child tends to cough at night for a prolong period of time.  To worsen his condition, he has sinus which made him sneezed every morning when he wakes up. As a result, he has puffy/watery eyes and constantly a running nose like a tap.  He even magically got double eyelid when he is not well.  For the record, he has single eyelid. 

Our family doctor advised that he is not allowed to consume chocolates, cold drinks, ice-cream, grapes, banana and orange. And to keep the room clean and dust free.  The latter is impossible especially there is currently ongoing construction outside our apartment.  An air-purifier is hence placed inside his bedroom.  Mommy has also dutifully dry wiped the floor first thing in the morning and mopped the floor in the afternoon when he is back from school.  Our doggie, Nitro is not allowed to enter our rooms except there were few incidents when it sneaked into our rooms.  I also changed my son's pyjamas when he sweats during his sleep. I wish he could be well enough to enjoy his Chinese New Year.  Apart from his nasty cough, my son is still an active, lively and chatty boy with lots of 'why' this and that. 

In his school uniform
Health has been an issue for us since.  I hope for good health for everyone particularly for my boy and a healthy bento to start off the week.   Linking up with Susan of A Juggling Mum - Motiviational Mondays - Health and Fitness.

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