Friday, January 25, 2013

Snake, Paper plate stingray

Brekkie No. 3

Chinese New Year is a big thing in our family.  Every year, we will travel back to Malaysia for about two weeks for the celebrations.  During the festive season, we will have the typical Chinese steamboat reunion dinner, red packet ("Angbos"), mahjong/cards games, abundance of homemade cookies and firecrakers.  My boy was introduced to firecracker when he was only 2 years old ;P  The type you throw it on the floor that create small spark under our close supervision, of course!  That was his first encounter with firecrackers.  Last year, he was daring enough to try something 'bigger'. He held the firecracker stick together with Papa which lighted up, shot into the sky continuously with a sharp 'bang'.  Apparently, they have very creative names for all sort of firecrackers in Malaysia.  But, erm.., I could not remember any.  Needless to say, my son is looking forward to playing firecrackers again this year. 

Back at home, I did very little decorations in our home since we will be far away.  I pasted a pair of golden snake poster on our door to symbolise the year of snake this year.  Speaking of which, I had the urge to make something relating to the Lunar New Year.  So, I created this big fat snake using multi-grain loaf from Four Leaves for our breakfast this morning.  Spread with emmental cheese, tuna mayo, tomatoes and Japanese cucumbers.  It's a bit short for a snake but my boy commented that it looked like an anaconda ;))

Yesterday, together we made a paper plate stingray.  Materials you need are simply:-
  • A round paper plate
  • Crayon or watercolours to paint
  • Wiggling eyes
  • A straw

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