Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Pumpkin rice, Almost a red panda

Bento No.  284
Yesterday, I made his favourite pumpkin rice together with some cherries.  However, my boy complained I packed too little :P   It was one of those creations of mine that caused some confusion.  My son said it looked like a cat.  Paused for a second, he changed his mind and told me "It's a dog!".  Then, he shook his head and commented "No, no, it's a red panda! Yes, it's a red panda!!".  What do you think?  ;P
It was raining heavily over the last weekend.  The only place that came to our mind was Changi Airport where we could eat and shop comfortably, sheltered away from the rain and gusty wind. And there were plenty of things to do and play for the little one.  He went for the tallest slide for many rounds and watched 'Smrftastic' musical live show.  He even ate rainbow colours popcorns and bluish candy floss!

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~Summer~ said...

Hmmm i thought it looked like a fox! Haha. The airport is a great place to hang out on rainy days, i agree! Thanks for linking up!

Dragonfly said...

Ya, I thought of fox too ;) But fox has point muzzle instead of round like mine..