Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sushi, Panda, Globe Puzzle

Bento No. 283

I am glad to know that my boy is adjusting very well in his new kindergarten.  I found out that he has a buddy, Hiroshi, attached to him and, got to know two other new friends; Randell and Gillian.  He is happy there and likeable by his teachers. Yesterday afternoon, when I was at the school to pick him up, I saw him, from a distance, sitting quietly all by himself with other children waiting to go home.  I waved attempting to catch his attention. His face lighted up when he saw me and called for his former teacher, Fu Laoshi, who is also his Chinese language teacher.  On the way to meet me at the gate, he gave another K2 teacher a hug and the latter, was smiling and laughing away. My little charmer actually praised that K2 teacher - "Pretty Maria!".  Fu Laoshi also told me he is such a 温心的孩子 (means warm personality).  I knew we had made the right choice for him.
I missed preparing lunchbox for him on a daily basis. Yesterday, I made his favourite sushi since he has a good variety of food at school on these days:- 
Tuesday - Porridge (Diced chicken/vegetables
Wednesday - Dry Noodles with vegetables
Thursday - Macaroni with soup (vegetables)
Friday - Bread (Margarine/Plain)
But still cannot beat Mommy's bento in terms of a balanced and nutritions meal!
Good news from Grandma in Malaysia too!  She is doing  physiotherapy at the hospital after a surgery to fix her broken hip bones from a fall earlier and shall be discharged soon.  My son has also recovered 90% from his asthmatic cough.  :))
He did his first Globe Puzzle (a free gift from his milk powder).  He assembled the pieces and I help him to place the galaxy stickers on the puzzle.  To make it easy for my boy to handle without exerting too much pressure on the unfinished globe, I put some tapes inside the globe. :P

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