Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Bento No. 281
Hello 2013!  I am back blogging about lunches but would be less frequent since my son new kindergarten provides meals from Tuesday to Friday except Monday, the only day where kids are allowed to bring their packed lunch to the school.  My son started K1 this year with his new kindergarten, a decision we made last year, in consideration of our finance and proximity to our home.  We had enagaged long talk with him for the last two days about his new school, what to expect in order to prepare him socially and emotionally to adapt well to the new environment.  Why is that so? Reason being, his previous preschool is located in town with lower kid-teacher ratio.  Children were given undivided attention. (I have written a thank you note earlier here in honour of the teachers there.) A huge difference from the new kindergarten with a class size of 20 children.  This transition we believe would allow him to have a feel of larger group/community playing and learning together and knowing his neighbourdhoods.  The curriculum between the two kindergarten are entirely different but still has the 'play-based' and project work elements in it.   What excited him would be the Gymnastic programme - I can imagine him bouncing off like a fiery ball!  Whatever the programmes the two kindergartens offer, as a parent myself, I would like him to have a good foundation in terms of social, emotional and basic knowledge prior to entering into Primary school.

He has mee sua ikan bilis soup with blanched broccoli/carrots, seaweed and, fishballs at home (meal not provided on the first day of school).  I decorated the fishballs with facial expression using nori and caps/hats each to resemble his new friends.  He was totally upbeat about going to the new kindergarten (to my surprise) and kept asking "Can we go to the school now, now, now?". A good start of the year!! :))

Put on his white socks and shoe on his own

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