Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Birthday cake, balloons

Bento No. 295

My boy's second, third, fourth birthdays were all celebrated in his preschool. His 5th birthday, this year, however, we decided to throw a birthday bash outside the school.  Reason being, his new kindergarten does not allow parents to bring cakes, chocolate or sweets to the school.  My son had a fun-tastic time at his party which I will blog later.  Hence, I made a bento lunch with the same theme - a birthday cake made from tamagoyaki which I added imitation crabstick.  Five candles made from spaghetti and corn kernels.  Grapes for balloons and party animals foodpicks.  He has tuna mayo sushi for his lunch.

Although his new kindergarten has strict rules prohibiting all sort of 'sinful' goodies, his Form (Chinese) and English teachers gave him a little present - a handmade felt puppy.  It was indeed a nice gesture from the teachers.  In fact my boy was expecting it yesterday, 8th April which was his actual birthday.  Apparently, his teachers had forgotten his birthday according to my son.  Together with the rest of the kids whose birthday fell on the same day, they sang the birthday song today. It was never too late and, he was happy and excited to show off the cute puppy.

Birthday gift from teachers 

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