Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Cheeky tiger brothers

Bento No. 294

My husband commented that it looked like 'mouse' more than tiger.  These are chicken wraps that I cut into halves, stuffed with pan-fried chicken breast, green pepper, tomatoes, Japanese cucumber and drizzled with honey mustard sauce.  I began to explore new food to add to his daily lunch and chicken wrap was a hit in the house.  Best of all, he ate all the vegetables! Grapes for the ears and nori for the rest of the details.  What do you think?  Mouse or cheeky tigers?  I made a pair as brothers since he often mentioned about his 'imaginary brother'. 

Here is a piece of drawing my boy did in the evening.  His drawing has always been very 'abstract' previously.  We were pleasantly surprised when he showed off his masterpiece to me.  It is a city with tall buildings, a library, a bank, bus, bullet train, swimming pools, toy cars in the playground, boat, garden planted with flowers/oranges, a house for mommy. I think there are many more...which I could not remember :P Mommy has to be more listening and pay attention as he narrated his storyline next time ;)

5 years old drawing

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