Monday, April 1, 2013

Baby, toy giraffe and balloons

Bento No. 293
Remember I made a batch of dumplings earlier, I pan-fried it today and packed four inside this panda lunchbox together with soba and shanghai green stir-fried with carrot flowers.  I bought the taiwan dumpling skin from NTUC finest which was a lot thicker and chewy in texture.  But I prefer the the lighter and thinner wanton skin.   Here, I made a baby using honey baked ham and seaweed for his hair and facial expression.   Heart shape cutter for the baby's body.  Saturn (space) shape cookie cutter for his big head.  Oval shape cut into half for his chubby feets and freehand cut out the shape of hands. Then, I thinly sliced a piece of carrot and freehand cut out the giraffe's tail, body, neck and head and decorated with nori.  Balloons were none other than the green grapes.

In October last year, I discovered my boy began reverse/backwards writing (mirror image) and had raised my concern with his ex-teachers.  At that time, I was assured it was part of his brain developments.  Todate, after 6 months, he is still having difficulty in writing correctly and even copying it the right way.  Worried and feeling unsettled, I searched the internet for answer to help in his learning process.  And here are some methods I found and had started with him:-

1) Put a sticker at the left hand corner of the page or on each line to remind him where to start
2) If there is a particular letter that often written wrongly for instance c and s, help him to remember c is like a moon and s looks like a snake
3) Tracing using stencils
4) Build the letters with blocks using legos

Hopefully, he would be able to figure out how to write 'S', '3' and '5' eventually.  These are some of the numbers and letters he got confused and would literally tell me he does not know how to write recently. 

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