Thursday, April 18, 2013

Inside-out baked salmon sushi, Octopus paper craft

Bento No. 297
I trained my son to count the notes and coins and learn to pay at the cashier but I did not teach him to shop.  He did one evening whilst I was shopping at Daiso for a mini siew mai tray together.  Just when I was about to leave with empty handed as I could not find any siew mai tray at the Tampines outlet, my boy grapped a packet of transportation foodpicks from the shelves and said "I want to buy this.  I like it, Mommy!".  Using the foodpicks he has chosen, I made inside-out baked salmon sushi roll with cucumber and packed some oranges to go with his lunch.  "Planes on the runway and MRT at the sides." which was my boy's order.

We made a octopus out of coloured paper this morning.  Writing number is still a challenge for my boy.  After he cut the shape of tentacles, I asked him to write the numbers 1 to 8 on each of it. Among which, he wrote the reverse of 2 and 6.  With encouragement, I corrected him.  He then finished the octopus by drawing the mouth, eyes and spots on its tentacles.  It's really easy and a quick craft.  Materials you need :-

  • A4 coloured paper of your choice cut into half
  • Black marker
  • Stick glue

 Hope you like the red octopus!

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