Friday, April 12, 2013


Bento No. 296
This was brown rice porridge with a pigeon perched on a broken branch (chinese vegetable - kailan).  The pigeon was made of carrots for its head and wings.  Body was steamed egg with minced meat, eyes and claws were nori.  Brown rice porridge, however, did not has silky smooth and soft texture like white rice. Not his favourite lunch either!  Untill we had consumed all the brown rice, my boy would still has his regular brown rice porridge in his daily menu :P  I like variety for preparation of daily meals.  Therefore, besides brown rice, I also keep stock of long grain rice like the jasmine fragrant rice from Thailand, short grain rice like the Australia calrose rice and red brown rice.
Below was one of the meals I prepared when I did not make any charaben bento -  soba noodles, pan-fried threadfin with egg and blanched broccoli/star carrots.  Plus a bowl of nutritious soup.  Frankly, I have devoted more time for my son to practice his writing skills (hoping to correct any of his reverse or mirror writing) in the morning rather than just concentrate preparing his charaben bento (which I did in the past).  On the other hand, I lacked inspiration too.  
On a lighter note, I could see some improvements in letters/numbers such as a, c, 3 and 5.  Another alphabet he has been struggling lately was 'y'.
I am going to digress a little from here to share one of the hilarious and funny conversation I had with my little man. I told my son that he was borned in the year of Rat according to the Chinese zodiac. He got really angry and rebutted that he was borned in the year of Panda instead.  His reason was he has the same name as the Panda Kai Kai in the Singapore Zoo. ;))

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