Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Roll-up chicken sandwich

Bento No. 42
Today, my son is making 'San Francisco Cioppino and Hot Dogs' (it is one of the food preparation lesson conducted at his school) .  So I decided to make a light sandwich bento.  I rolled up a black sesame bread and stuffed it with marinated carrots and japanese cucumbers together with mayo chicken. Along with it, he has half cut-oranges and some blueberries.  And he chooses his favourite foodpicks.  Being a kiasu parent, I squeezed in one slice of cheddar cheese in his lunchbox which is not photographed here :P


KidsDreamWork said...

Animal safari!! Love the rolled up chicken sandwich, they look so tempting!

Dragonfly said...

Ya, my son's favourite animal safari! Hehe, it is delicious too...;D