Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tiger cubs

Bento No. 37
 Nice to be back in Singapore.   This Chinese New Year seems to be quieter in Malaysia.  Nevertheless, we enjoyed the food (treats by relatives) and firecracker.  So did my boy.  Even in his dream, he still has both hands covered his ears while he was asleep on the first day. No matter how hard we moved his hands away, they were still firmly placed it in the same position.  Another incident happened where he was so scarced of the lion dance performed in the Japanese restaurant.  The loud music, gongs and drums sent shivers down the spine and literally, my son was shaking involuntarily.  Hope, he will learn to be brave next year facing the lion dance and/or firecracker.

Well, my boy asked me to make a tiger bento for him today (while I was contemplating another rabbit bento, hehe).  I made a pair and put his favourite tiger club overlooking the bento for shooting purpose.  In his lunch, he has chickedn breast, brocolli and carrots.  I packed three wedges of sunkist oranges in another box.  Not forget to mention, we brought back the Penang tau sa biscuits for the teachers and staff of his school.  Hope they would like it.

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