Friday, February 18, 2011

Unusual bento - Fishball Yang Tau Fu with brown rice Mee Hoon

I am not sure if you could call this a 'bento'.  This is not really a lunchbox but a candy tupperware container (a gift from 'gu gu') and it has my son's favourite animals lion, zebra, horse, you name it.
Bento No. 40
My boy saw it at 'gu gu' house and never want to let go.  In the end, he got it as a present!   Instead of the usual rice meal, I decided to prepare some fishballs, yang tau fu, minced meat stir-fried with mixed vegetables to go along with brown rice mee hoon. And, I made the ikan billis soya bean broth yesterday for his soup.  Very healthy, isn't it?  Since this is not his usual lunchbox, I improvised!  Pack his lunch into this cute tupperware container.  For fruit, he has one sugar prune (so sweet but nice).

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