Monday, February 28, 2011


Bento No. 44
Thinking I have some leftover honey baked ham in my fridge and I am going to prepare some baked salmon, I made a pair of piggies onigiri (by mixing the salmon into the rice) for my son's lunch box today.  It's ears and nose are made of ham. And I pressed tiny strips of cheese for its nostrils.

I also tried a new Japanese dressing using black sesame for french bean.  I first saw it posted in Food for Tots (originated receipe by Harumi Kurihara) back in October last year.  It is very easy and a simple dish.  I hope my boy would like it.  Besides french bean with sesame dressing, my son has a small corn cob, some carrots, cherry tomato and dragon fruit.

When time is permitted, I will allow my boy to watch TV normally whilst I can concentrate on his bento.  Well, he watched Sesame street today and told me he does not want to go to school.  He starts whining and giving me lame excuses like 'cannot walk', 'back pain.  Until, he sat in the car and his mood begins to change. I can see he put on his smiley face again :) 

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