Thursday, February 24, 2011

Seal Pup

Bento No. 43
 A seal pup!  Ya, my boy has been asking me to make a sea lion bento since beginning of the week.  Not to disappoint him, I promised him.  I did some research on the internet and today, I finally be able to present his 'sea lion'.  I really don't know the differences between a seal and a sea lion.  Looks alike to me though.  Except that the seal pup in the northern atmospher has a thicker fury coat and white/beign colour, which resembles more to the above I created.

I mixed some pork floss into the onigiri and moulded the shape with my hands.  The nose is a tiny bluberry (but look big and cute on this little fellow) and cheddar cheese for his cheek.  The eyes and whiskers are punched and cut from seaweed. He also has boiled broccolli, steamed meatballs, cherry tomatoes and strawberries.

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