Thursday, February 2, 2012

Panda and sushi

Bento No. 163
I am back in Singapore after celebrating the Chinese Lunar New Year in Kedah cum holidays too!  But the bad news is both my son and myself are nursing a running nose and cough now. Anyway, we had a fun-filled vacation.  Here is my son usual bento; baked salmon sushi, edamame, tamagoyaki and strawberries.

This roadtrip, we stopped/stayed over at three places to/from Malaysia; the french settlement Tropicale Colmar at Bukit Tinggi KL, Hard Rock Hotel at Batu Ferringi Penang, Awana Golf & Country resort at Genting highlands. 

The worse experience was at Tropicale Colmar resort.  I was literally slept in a 'kitchen' bedroom! Because the smell of food from the restaurant below seeping into our room.  As a result of which, I had a terrible headache and did not sleep well.  The resort was so run down and such a disappointment.  It was not as good as what we saw on the website.  Needless to say, we cut short our stay from three to one night.   My boy, however, enjoyed the acitivities such as horse riding, patting numerous rabbits at the animal farms and visit to Japanese garden. 

We checked into Hard Rock Hotel at Batu Ferringgi Penang next day.  Thank god, Christine Jie Jie helped us to book two nights there.  We were given a refreshing pineapple welcome drink at the reception before proceed to our room.  The first thing my boy did was to check out their swimming area.  They have big waterplay area that comes with three slides for the kids and family.  The kiddie pool was filled with sand at the bottom.  A nice surprise and creative too! They even have activities planned for the day like water volleyball, dancing at the pool.  Not far from the hotel is the beach. The room was aweson!  A picture of beatles hanged above the bed headboard and we have a celebrity in the bathroom.  The portrait of Alvis Presley! It was simple and tastefully furnished. We truly enjoyed our stay.  My boys too (Papa and my son).  And we met up with Sanku and all the jie jies whom kindly treat us for dinner during our stay.  But the cons is smokers are everywhere in the hotel; at the lobby, around the pool and beach.  Luckily, the corridor along our room is non-smoker area. 

Towards the end of our holiday, we stopped over at Awana resort at Genting highlands before we headed straight back home in Singapore.  The weather is cool but not cold.  A bit of windy too.  This was a no-frill resort but with a stunning view overlooking the lushly green golf course and mountains from the 21st storey where we stayed.  It was peaceful and quiet at the resort.  However, it was a nightmare at the Skyway cable car station and Theme park.  Rowdy and crowded with people!  We spent so much time just to queue for the cable car and also for the rides in the Theme park.  I guess it was all well worth it because my son was very happy playing at the indoor theme park.  Not forgetting to mention we also visited the Chin Swee Cave Temple.  My hubby told me that the temple is built to make sure your $$ are wiped out.  Hence, gamblers will not come to the temple.  Superstitious or not.  We spent to our last 1 cent at the end of roadtrip.  This was unintentional.  It happened when we were at the toll station that the lady on duty refused to let us tap the 'touch n go' machine but insist us to pay cash.

Wow, that is the end of our long vacation and the most happy person would be my boy.

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