Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Baked salmon and sweet potato

Bento No. 178
Recently, my Sony Erisson W995 mobile is not functioning properly.  It will automatically switch off and the screen has those pixel issue like those of pirated CDs. The worst part is that its letters and colour are defaced totally and even hanged!  (Honestly, I dropped my phone many times :P)  I tried my luck today and it seems working normally.  So I quickly snapped a picture of the bento that I prepared in the morning.  I am thinking of getting a smart phone after hearing from my ex-colleague, Hazel that it is SOooo good and convenient.  Nowadays, everyone has either a iphone or smart phone.  Erm, being a housewife, I am way behind the trend....

My boy's lunch simply consists of baked salmon with salt and black pepper, baked sweet potato, blanched cauliflower/asparagus/star carrot, a korean strawberry and US cara cara orange.  Speaking of which, it is one of my son's favourite fruit and he finished all of it yesterday night after dinner.  Can you imagine it is one whole orange.  I came across this US cara cara orange in NTUC and immediately bought it although it is on the pricey side as compared to the naval oranges.  It has a beautiful, rich, red pulp which I often saw it packed in the bento box at 'Happy Little Bento' blog. My son decorated his lunch with animal foodpicks :)  Cool!


dimas geel said...

i want that meal :D

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Dragonfly said...

Thanks for dropping by and telling me about ipad2 and cash :)