Monday, March 19, 2012

Thoughts : Food and School

Looking back I have been preparing for my son's bento for two years, it is sad that I cannot do it any more when he started his K1 at Soka Kindergarten next year. (We had registered our interest at the Open House, 11th March 2012).  The school does not allow outside food and all the kids have to eat whatever they cooked.  But I was assured that there are all healthy food at least.  Papa is also not supportive of making homecooked food/bento at all because he felt that our boy is too pampered with all the nice and decorative food. I felt so discouraged and depressed after that.  But I really enjoyed making bento for my son's lunch.  Not only it looks pretty and cute.  Most importantly, my boy loves it and I know for sure that he has all the nutrients he required. And I am blessed that he is now fit like a fiddle!

We are going to miss his current preschool, Wee Care Kindergarten.  He has been with them since he was baby around 8 or 9 months starting with the playgroups.  I can vividly remember taking the bus/mrt to/from the school who was then located at Devoshire Road which was just across the Somerset MRT station.  My son enjoyed the ride and the journey to school although it took an hour or so to reach.  Occasionally, he would refuse to walk and I had to piggy back him some times.  Or distracted him with something interesting like the squirrels, a rare encounter at Somerset. I would hang around the school or went shopping around orchard road whilst waiting for him to finish his lesson.  I love the preschool because they will snap some pictures during the lessons and forward it to us.  The teachers did a fantastic job whom constantly providing me with feedbacks.  And they are more willing to share with me what did he learn in school, how did he response and any naughty/hilarious moments.   Despite the fact that my son fell sick a couple of times in the beginning which really worried us at one point in time, I asked myself if he was too young to start proper schooling.  Our main objective is for him to mingle around and play with other children  and at the same time, expose him to a learning environment that is rich in its curriculum.  He was the youngest and with the smallest built in class there and then.  But now, he is big and the tallest taking care of the younger ones.  We are pleased to learn from the teacher that he is like a big brother and setting a good example for the little ones.  Later, the school moved to a new premises at the Tanglin Post Office building.  And I started driving to/from school after a less than a week of crash course with my husband with constant scolding and reprimanding.  And I even got myself lost (missed a turn) at Bukit Timah Road on the way to school one day that I had to call my hubby for directions. The aunty and staff witnessed the whole process.  I was so embarrassed when I finally found my way to the preschool afer an hour of misadventure.  Now, my driving skills is better but still lacking of sense of directions :P

Indeed, my son learnt very well in the preschool and he has blossomed into a well-behaved boy with good character.  Thanks to the teachers and staff.

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