Thursday, March 8, 2012

Mickey Mouse

Bento No. 177
The March school holiday is just another few days away.  I can see a lots of enrichment workshops, programs and even movies/shows are flooded in the daily newspaper and FB.  The last musical live performance my son watched was "The Wiggles", a popular Australian children musical group in 2010.  He was only two years then. There were a lots of songs, dancing, acrobatics despite that the oldest member of the group, Jeff Fatt was 56 years old. But, they rocked!  I still remember that my son was frightened off by the loud music at the beginning of the show.  And we also bought a wiggles hat for him :)  This year, I am looking at "Disney on Ice" or "The Three Little Pigs" theatre and my boy chose the former. Gonna to buy tickets soon!  So here is his lunch with a mickey mouse that is made from emmental cheese using sandwich cutter.  He has a bowl of bowtie pasta with tomato sauce, some boiled star shape carrots and broccoli.

We notice lately that my boy is able to build/create planes, animals ..etc with lego blocks.  And it gets better each day.  This is one of his masterpiece; a dinosaur.  A very peculiar one!!

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