Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Bento No. 175

Lion is still one of my son's favourite animal that often requested in his bento.  Here I used boiled sausage to make its hair and two type of cheese (cheddar and emmental)/nori for this facial.  But I forget to add its ears! :p  I suppose to make a flower out of the hotdog but I cut too near to the edge that it breaks off.  Therefore, I improvised it by rearranging around the head to look like its hair.  Then I used a bone foodpick to secure both sides and a slice of corn bread (underneath) together.  I prepared my own thousand island sauce to go with his salad; cucumbers, tomatoes and lettues.  He also got his favourite chocolate milk and fruits; oranges and grapes. 

Last Saturday, we went to his classmate, Jake's birthday party bash.  But we were late for half an hour and the Mr Bottle magic show has already started.  (I should be blamed for not being punctual because I asked my son to write a card.  And he took quite a while to perfect it the way I like it that I forgot about the time. )  Nonetheless, he was still able to catch the highlight,  "Talking Cake" at the magic show.  My boy thoroughly enjoyed and was amazed by the magic show.  Jake's has a stunning Ben and Jerry 3D cake that the children just cannot keep their hands off the cake.   After the cake cutting ceremony, the kids began to queue up in front of the Balloon Man.  My boy patiently waited for this turn and happily, requested for an 'orange' T-rex.  Before we left, he also received his 'cooliest' goodie bag that contained glow sticks, tattoo stickers, stencil and a "Grow Pals".  This is really interesting.  A ducky toy that can grow from the water and also can shrink when allow it to dry.

My boy's birthday is coming soon in April 8 and so is Papa which falls on April 9, one day after my son.  He will be celebrating in school as usual because Papa is not in favour of throwing a party. Gosh! There are a lot of things to do/think about for both of their birthdays.


Food For Tots said...

Your lion looks so cute! I am really hopeless when it comes to making bento. lol! ;)

Dragonfly said...

Initially, I really thought it is hard too. But practice make perfect :) Fyi, I bot the "The Just Bento Cookbook" by Makiko Itoh which provide basic information of preparing a bento. I find it very useful. Another thing to note is that it need not always be cute, the key is "colourful". Check out "Happy Little Bento" blog, my favourite bento site and you will know what I mean.