Monday, March 26, 2012

Butterfly and sushi

Bento No. 181

My son loves tamagoyaki and sometimes, it does not turn out nicely because I used only one egg for his lunch. I would create something out of it depending on its appearance. In this instance, the egg white is still visible on it (maybe I did not beat long enough).  Hence, I made a pair butterfly wings using a musical foodpick to hold together.  And cucumber to represent its antenna.  A green baran divider for the background. He has his usual crabstick sushi, edamame and black grapes.

Last Saturday, we went to United World College East campus for a soccer trial class and ended signing up for the lessons with JSSL Arsenal Soccer School.  It started at 9 am at the Astroturf.  Gosh! the sun was scorching hot. But the boys were busy kicking the footballs. Paul Parker, an England international and Premier League player, was present. A friendly guy with a British accent. Haha, he too commented that the weather was unbearable that day. Next Saturday, my son will be very very busy and hopefully, not over-exerted because in the morning he has soccer and in the evening, he starts his swimming lesson.

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