Friday, March 23, 2012

Cat and Train

Bento No. 179

Bento No. 180
We have a new TV programme for preschooler known as "Mat Yoyo" in four languages; English, Mandarin, Malay and Tamil.  And I discovered that it was telecast during the 80s in Malay language and so popular that it ran for whopping 12 years. The show has two lovable cats named Yo Yo and Ya Ya.  After watching it for a couple of times, my boy began to sing the song too.  But he still could not grasp the lyrics correctly.  Inspired by the series, I made a cat with brown rice onigiri for his lunch yesterday.  Decorated with carrot for its ear, cheese/nori for its facial and a blue cap foodpick.  On the side, my son has steamed egg with minced meat, blanched cauliflower, star carrots, dragonfruit and cara cara orange.

Today is the Choo Choo train sandwich bento.  And my son asked me "Are the animals going to the Zoo?"  Guess, he is the one who wish to visit the Zoo again.  He loves going to the Zoo be it rain or shine.  It is top on his list for places to go over the weekends.  We have already had the memberships for the Zoo, Bird Park and Science Center!  Normally, he would have wholemeal bread or black sesame bread.  But I got him the 'butter' bread from Yamazaki for a change (well, it is certainly fattening!).  Filled with Tuna mayo, emmental cheese, tomatoes and cucumbers.  Plus his favourite chocolate milk.

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