Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Angry bird and pigs

Bento No. 278
Staying in the East brought us closer to airport and has also become our favourite family outing.  How is that so?  Firstly, it is a short drive from our home.  Secondly, there are plenty of eateries and restaurants for dining.  Thirdly, large space for the kids to ran freely.  Last but not least, it is sheltered from the rain. These are the main reasons but of course, there are more to do at the airport.  Last year, we were at the 'Animal Safari' play area put up by Changi Airport after sending Papa's off for work.  This year, it is the 'Space Angry Birds'.  My kid loves it to every bits and even got our Papa to spend to redeem a angry bird plush toy for him.  His other collections were given by Christein jie jie and my sister as presents.
Even his lunchbox on Monday was inspired by angry birds! They were made of carrot and spinch toast for the orange bird and green pigs respectively.   On the sides, he has hotdogs (supposed to look like the brick ;P), apples wedges carved with a catapult and black grapes.


Collection of angry birds softtoy

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