Thursday, November 8, 2012

Oyakodon, sandwiches, craft from egg boxes

Bento No. 269

Bento No. 270

Above was Oyakodon topped with some finely chopped cooked grean long beans and spring onion which the receipe can be found here.  I tweaked the receipe using chicken breast and brown rice instead.  I sustituted sake with water since I do not have it in the house and I added instant dashi stock I bought previously from Isetan.  On the sides, he has black grapes and apples.  Below was his all time favourite - ham and cheese sandwiches (wholemeal) together with some carrot sticks, cucumbers, tomatoes, apples and grapes. Lately, I am hooked in carving images, word and letters on the apples :)) 

We also did a fair bit of art and craft.  Thanks to Mister Maker which is currently showing in Okto TV channel every morning at 9.30am.   This is our second piece of craft inspired by Mister Maker.  I was about to throw away the red plastic egg boxes today but the boy stopped me!  He said he could make an 'Ant' with the egg boxes just like Mister Maker.  I absolutely have no clue how Mister Maker did it.  But he worked on it immediately by cutting out the shape first.  Then, he explained the rest of the details and together, we created the 'Ant'.  And, we made a 'robot' and a 'sail' as well.  Robot was my idea and the sail was his.  In the midst of the process, I suggested we could add more colours.  However, he rebutted my recommendation!   My little man has shown a lot of assertive and being defiant recently. More than often, he wanted to do his own way.  He had passed the stage of terrible two where everything was No, No, No.  Now, he is more vocal and has a mind of his own.  If I remind him or tell him what he is supposed to do, he will say "Don't tell me, I know what to do."  I guess I have to take a back seat and give him the space to make his choice or decision.  Gosh! He has grown up too fast.

Red Ant

He said it's a robot


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