Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Smiling danboard, turtle, panda

Bento No. 274

Bento No. 275
Bento No. 276

My boy has not been sleeping well throughout the nights for the last 2 weeks because of his persistent cough and running nose.  He would wake up in the wee hours and come into our bedroom looking for Mommy. Back in his room, he tossed and turned swinging his hands in full 'elephant' force due to the stuffing nose and nasty cough.  I was hit many times on my face and stomach when I tried to sooth him back to sleep.   Hope he could recover soon as there are lines of programs awaiting for him during the December school holidays.

Does it look like a danboard for the first bento?  I have no idea what I was making in the first place but the finished product reminded me of a danboard.  His lunch consisted of beanstick noodles, meatballs, crabstick, blanched carrots and Japanese greens and apples.

The second bento was a turtle with its shell made of brown rice, snow peas for the flippers, carrot for the head. On top of its shell were some chinese almonds.  On the sides, he has stir-fried cauliflower, snow peas, carrots and loin strips as well as apples.

Last bento, his usual baked salmon sushi with Japanese cucumber, edamame, apples and a strawberry.

Since he is not well, he has apples for the whole week.  Also to remind him - An apple a day keeps the doctor away! To make it interesting and encourage him to eat (since this is not his favourite fruit), I carved
some patterns and attempted a crocky the other day. ;) 

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MamaJ said...

Wow, you're good at food carving! Hope he gets well soon, the danboard is so cute!

~Summer~ said...

Yes, danboard looks like danboard! Cute! Hee! Oh dear, I hope your boy recovers soon and I sure hope the apples are helping! Thanks for linking up! =)

Dragonfly said...

Justina & Summer, Thanks for the kind words, ladies. :))