Friday, November 2, 2012

Crab, blow paint alien

Bento No.268
This is a cute crab with four claws which I did not realise until it was pointed out by one fellow bento blogger.  A deformed one, perhaps. ;P  It was made of pumpkin mash, the eyes and mouth were cheese and seaweed.  Cucumber for the claws. Slices of lotus root to represent the perforated rocks.  And at the bottom was fried rice with light and dark soya sauce, dried shrimp, shallots and chinese mushroom.  On the top tier of the lunchbox, I packed his favourite grapes and kiwis.

After watching the Mister Maker creating his own blow paint monster, I decided to let my boy to give it a try on Wednesday afternoon.  Simply using a straw, some colourful paint, drawing paper, wiggles eyes and marker.    Drop a dollop of paint onto the paper and blow!  It sound easy but the little boy huffed and puffed many times that we got extra gooey stuff on the paper i.e. saliva.  He tried really hard to spread the paint as far as possible to form the limbs and tentacles.  He had fun making it!  After the paint has dried, he drew the eyes and mouth.  Some with wiggles eyes glued on it.  He preferred to name it 'alien' over 'monster'. 

What caught my attention was, he wrote his last name backwards as well as the reversed of 'Z'.  And it occurred more frequently sometime in October onwards when he practised writing his name at home.  Previously, we noted there were letters reversals of 'd' for 'b' or vice-versa and, he would read numbers like 72 as 27 which we brought it up during the parent meeting session at his preschool in August.  We were then assured by the principal that the brain has not fully developed to recognise it and there was no cause of concern or any learning disability.  Hopefully, this phenomenon is temporary and just part of his learning process. 

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