Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Santa Claus!

Bento No. 279
It's Santa!  I finally made it with fishballs and crabstick.  But my son could not recognise it :(  Pine tree shaped and cut from broccoli stem as well as star carrots.  His main was organic soba noodles drizzled with little bit of soya sauce/shallot oil.  On the sides, he has apples/black grapes for fruits.

In conjunction with the festive season, we has also set up our Christmas tree.  It was done over last Sunday afternoon and Mommy was sweating over how to fix it up because she was no Handy Manny.  Last year, the tree was wobbly because Mommy has got it all wrong and Papa came to the rescue.  But I did it this year!  We decorated it with gold and silver colours balls and ornaments as that was my son's choice of colours.  And a special request too - lots of acorns!  At the same time, I also realised my boy is a perfectionist or rather, fussy one because he re-arranged the decorations commenting this was not nice, not in the right place...blah, blah.

Chinese flash cards on the Christmas tree??  Nay,  just for fun and making use of the tree for teaching Chinese.   My boy learned better on a play based setting at home (with me).  He loved the game I created 'Hide and Seek the cards'.  We pretended to hide the cards in the tree (still partially visible).  Then, I would command him to look for a chinese character.  Prior to that, I had already gone through the chinese characters with him. 

Merry Christmas to everyone out there!

Christmas tree with Chinese flash cards!

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