Sunday, November 25, 2012

Brown rice porridge, Beatrix Dino Backpack

Bento No. 277

Porridge was packed in this hot flask but my boy insisted me to
 take a picture of his minifigure instead

My boy is still nursing his running nose and cough.  Hence, we had stopped his weekly activities such as soccer and swimming lessons.  He could also sleep better through the night because of the medication.  He loves the sweet and colourful medicine so much that he actually looking forward to it.  His lunch on Friday was brown rice porridge in meat stock with stir-fried loin strips with star carrots, snow peas and onions as well as strawberries and dragonfruits. 

We bought him a new big kid Beatrix Dino backpack from Changi Airport hoping he could double up as a school bag and lunch bag for another good 2-3 years or more;P

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