Thursday, March 28, 2013


Bento No. 292
I have been busy planning my son's 5th animal theme birthday party in April.   And it's less than 2 weeks from today and I am trying to tie up the loose ends.  Honestly, I am not in the mood to make any pretty ones lately.  But he has been bugging me to do a leopard for him.  My boy has always loves animals but his favourites kept changing from lion to elephant to giraffe to tiger...etc  And now, it's leopard!  Since I have a mini mango steamed cake from Four Leaves bakery, I thought it would be nice if I could make an outline of the shape of leopard using seaweed.  So I began to search the internet for inspiration, then I sketched it in my notebook above.  I was perspiring in the kitchen while freehand cutting the seaweed.  Except the eyes, nose and spots were punched out from nori.  It was really difficult for me! The actual finished product looks so different from my drawing ;P

On the side was kiwi-berry, a new fruit that I found selling in the supermarket here.  My boy did not like it though.



kw bentodiary said...

Great job!! Practice makes perfect for freehand nori cut :) keep it up!

Dragonfly said...

Thanks for the encouragement :) Enjoy your weekends!