Monday, May 6, 2013

California sushi and more parties

Bento No. 298
This was one of the California sushi bento I prepared for my son's lunch using this red single-tiered lego box.  On the sides, he has tamagoyaki, green grapes and a strawberry.  I bought two of such lego lunch box; blue one for Papa and the red box for my boy as their birthday presents.
April was indeed special for our Papa and our little boy because their birthdays fall on the same month and only one day apart from each other.  I planned an ice-skating for both father and son at JCube on 4th April 2013 right after school since there was a promotion where the child could skate free accompanied with an adult on their birthday month.  It was their first ice-skating experience.  My boy enjoyed every bits of it but Papa was complaining of sore muscle :P I also threw a big birthday bash for my boy's 5th birthday at Art Speaks Studio which I had blogged here.  Coincidentally, his best friend, Ollie's birthday from his ex-preschool, also born in end April and he was invited to his 'Ninja Warrior' party too.  We bought Ninjago lego for Ollie's gift as such.  My boy drew and wrote the words 'Happy Birthday' with gold ink on a black paper that I folded into a card. His writing has improved tremendously compared to a year ago.  He was 4 years old then. His grip over the pen/pencil was tight and exert a lot of pressure when he writes.   I vividly remembered he was in tears the first time I asked him to write on a Jake's birthday card last year. 
Birthday card
Papa accompanied him to the party dressed in black as part of the theme. I was, however, nursing a flu at home.  Back home, he told me that the best part of the party was food!?!  According to Daddy, he ate a lot and even into spicy fried mee hoon and hotdogs.  And ice cream too!  That's my son - he loves to eat :)) His other bestie girl-friend, Arin, was not in a good mood and had ignored him at the party.  Nevertheless, he had fun with his old friends.  Personally, what makes the party exceptionally different from others was Ollie's parents actually did a thank you note on the goodie bags that "... in the spirit of giving, half of the presents would be donated to Sunbean Children's Home....." It was such a noble and meaningful act.

His favourite ice cream

April was a month of celebration and hence, I was more lenient over his intake of goodies like chocolate, ice cream and sweets allowing him to indulge.  The result, he came down with a sore throat, cough and later, running nose :(( Arrrgh!

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