Saturday, October 26, 2013

DIY Batman costume

Junior version of batman

Halloween is just around the corner.  And I am planning to join in the fun at the 'not-so-creepy' Halloween held at the Science Center.  Ironically, it was his first Halloween celebration and also his first costume made by Mommy!  My first masterpiece too!! :P  I googled for very simple DIY costume and I stumbled on twindragonflydesigns.  What caught my eye was that the caption said "NO SEW" Superhero costume and it appeared manageable for a person like me who did not sew well.  I have also bookmarked another blog for making the batman's mask at thethriftinessmiss. I did not glued all the parts of costume.  Instead, I choose to hem the two pieces of felt together and sew the ribbons attached to the body suit.  I am proud to present the junior version of batman above.

Materials for the batman costumes:-

  • White drawing paper (for the mask)
  • Black and yellow Felt**
  • Elastic band (for the mask)
  • Multi-purpose glue
  • Ribbons (for the body suit)
  • Button (for the belt)
  • Black marker (to draw the pattern on the belt)

** I bought the felts separately from Daiso and Popular bookstore (in Singapore).  And the quality and textures varies from each other.  The one from Daiso was softer and not as stiff like paper compared to the felt from Popular bookstore.  Therefore, I used the softer felt from Daiso for the body suit only.

Happy Halloween!! :D



Smita Srivastava said...

Thats lovely !! Loved going thru ur wonderful bentos too !
I have a worldwide Giveaway of 2 copies of my book-"Fun Food for Fussy Little Eaters' would love you t join in !!

Dragonfly said...

Thanks for the compliment I have a lot to learn from you. I was at awe looking at your creations. I have joined the giveaway :) Wish me luck.