Sunday, October 6, 2013

Elephant, Ninjago cake (with swiss meringue buttercream)

Bento No. 321

My boy celebrated children's day at his kindergarten on Thursday with his favourite food spaghetti/ sausages and pop corn. According to him, bouncing castle was also set up within the kindergarten compound and there were "activities" for the kids too. Mommy made an elephant sandwich spread with tuna mayo green apple for his lunch.  I used corn bread from Gardenia.

  • Ears and trunk -  crust of the loaf, yellow cheese and nori
  • Face -  corn bread pressed out from a circle cookie cutter, spread with tuna mayo and diced green apple
  • Eyes - Japanese cucumber, yellow cheese and seaweed
  • Mini carrot - Japanese cucumber for its stem and of course, the real carrot!

After school, I decided to allow my boy to indulge some more goodies.  We baked 'dark moist chocolate cake', a premix gifted by Yin Yee jie jie. It was an easy receipe which the little one just poured all the ingredients and mixed everything in the bowl.   My boy was not only having fun in the kitchen and he also loved sampling the batter.  The next day, I did the frosting with swiss meringue buttercream which I found the receipe here.  This was the best frosting I ever made so far and happy that it turned out successful; glossy and creamy despite it was my first attempt.  Not too sweet, just the way I like it. (Note:  For a peace of mind and safe consumption, I would have to ensure the mixture of egg whites and sugar registered a temperature of 65 degree celsius or 160 degrees Fahrenheit next time.)  I did a simple Gold Ninjago cake (which I have seen one of the his ex-classmate's mother made it for her son's birthday).  However, as you could tell from the picture below that the spreading was not even, neither it was smooth.  Pipping was quite a mess too. :P  The chocolate cake though was nice but I felt it was tad too sweet.  Nevertheless, we enjoyed the process of making our own cake and laughed it off on my poor decorative skills.  

Licking good the chocolate batter
Wacky pose
Swiss meringue buttercream - added lemon yellow colour

Gold Ninjago

Dark moist chocolate cake
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~Summer~ said...

I think the cake looks nice, you did well! That butter cream looks heavenly too! =) Oh and that elephant is so cute, how cool that they still have bouncing castles for children's day! =) I sure hope the kids had a great one! Thanks for linking up!

Dragonfly said...

Thanks for the encouraging words as always.